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Samish Indian Nation Creosote Removal

Over the last three years, more than 400,000 pounds of creosote treated wood and marine debris have been removed from both public and private shorelines of Skagit County, Island County, Southern Whatcom County, and the San Juan Islands. Lead by the Samish Indian Nation’s Department of Natural Resources, the multi-organizational project has removed creosote treated wood, structures along shorelines which no longer serve a purpose, and debris that wash into lagoons, estuaries, and onto beaches. Creosote treated wood leaches harmful toxins into the waters which greatly impact the health of fish eggs among many other plants and organisms.

This project protects the livelihoods and cultural identity of the Samish People who depend on the bountiful natural resources of the Salish Sea. But all users benefit from these efforts as the project increases the overall vitality of the region because toxins released into the waters of the Samish Territory can spread throughout the Puget Sound.

Funding Sources:

  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s National Estuaries Program
  • Washington Department of Natural Resources
  • Fines levied against polluters in Skagit and San Juan County

Congressional District:2


  • Samish Department of Natural Resources
  • Washington Department of Natural Resources
  • Washington Conservation Corps
  • Veterans Conservation Corps
  • EarthCorps
  • Friends of the San Juans
  • Local Citizens



Further questions? Think you can use this as inspiration for your own project? Please inquire with:

Todd Woodard–Director of Natural Resources for the Samish Indian Tribe


Or please consult https://www.samishtribe.nsn.us/ for further information.


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Publish Date: June 21, 2017
Category: Nearshore
Congressional Districts: Congressional Dist. 2
Legislative Districts:
Counties: San Juan | Skagit