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Titlow Park Shoreline Restoration Project

The Titlow Park Shoreline Restoration Project is working closely with Tacoma Metro Parks to successfully remove a derelict bulkhead, seawall, and defunct home near an important bait fish beach in Puget Sound. The second phase of the project will undertake restoration of a historic embayment by removing a tide gate and restoring fish passage to a seven-acre lagoon. The project is part of a publicly supported Tacoma Metro Parks master plan to improve the park for both nature and people. The project is also working closely with BNSF since the fish barrier tide gates are located under the railroad. The tide gates will be replaced with a bridge. The Titlow project is important for fisheries since it provides unique forage and rearing opportunities along the Nisqually and Point Defiance shoreline. Currently there isn’t tidal connection between Puget Sound and the Titlow lagoon/embayment. This project will allow for unimpeded access for juvenile and adult fish to enter and exit the habitat as needed.

Funding Sources:

  • Estuary Salmon Restoration Program (ESRP)
  • National Estuary Program (NEP) funds
  • Metro Parks Tacoma

The total project cost for the completed beach restoration is about $500,000. The next project phase of construction for the bridge under BNSF will cost approximately $6 million.

Congressional district: 6


  • South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group (SPSSEG)
  • Estuary Salmon Restoration Program (ESRP)
  • National Estuary Program (NEP) funds
  • Metro Parks Tacoma
Titlow Beach Armor Kay's House_1.jpg

Kay House, former residence of Titlow Park caretaker and his wife, prior to restoration in November 2016 – Photo by Metro Parks Tacoma

Titlow_Kays' House post project_1.jpg

Restored site after removal of house, derelict bulkhead, and seawall -Photo by Metro Parks Tacoma

More Info

Publish Date: May 16, 2017
Category: Nearshore | Estuaries
Congressional Districts: Congressional Dist. 6
Legislative Districts: Legislative Dist. 27
Counties: Pierce
Habitat Types: Nearshore